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Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Picasso museum in Barcelona

Picasso museum is the most well known art gallery of Barcelona which attracts more than 1,000,000 visitors in a year. This is the home ground of the Spanish artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso's art works. This museum contains largest collections of the Picasso's works. Picasso museum of Barcelona is crucial to understand and study the shaping years of the ever genius youthful artist divulged in more than 3,500 great works of the great man that have made the permanent collection of museum, making it the world renowned. The museum gives the detail story of the Picasso's attachment with the Barcelona .


Picasso museum is situated both in Malaga and Barcelona and each city has inspiring museums of the great artist and claims him to be of their own. Each city gives some light on the history of Pablo Picasso. Pablo was born in Malaga city and migrated to Barcelona in 1895 and 1904 and finally left to Paris in France . The Barcelona Museum of Picasso has the collected art works of the artist's lifelong friend Jaume Sabartes. Picasso museum of Barcelona finally made public in 1966 after squabbling with Fascist regime of Franco. The museum includes very rare and highlighted works of Picasso's drawings of his childhood amid the age of 10 and 14 worked in La Coruna , blue period paintings.


The much intimated museum of Picasso in Spain is Museo Picasso of Malaga in Andalucian city, the birth place of Pablo Picasso. This museum has the collections that were presented by Picasso to his family and friends, also some that he kept for self that include Olga kokhlova con Mantilla which is the picture of his first wife that was worked in the year 1917. Many of the art were the donations to the museum by Pablo Picasso's grandson and daughter in law. Importantly the interesting part is also the museum building itself which is the former Palace where the artifacts of Moorish and Romans were unearthed and are on display.


Pablo Ruiz Picasso is also the cofounder of cubism, and his works are divided into certain periods like the Blue Period, the African influenced period, Rosa period, Synthetic cubism and Analytic cubism. Barcelona Museum is devoted to the early works of Picasso. This museum also gives the details of the Picasso's return to classicism from Cubism and his journey to Rome with his first wife. His blue period works can not be compared to ant great works in world which stand out all time best.


The Barcelona Picasso museum has 920 works that were donated by Picasso himself and all these works were safeguarded by his parents, children of his sisters and sisters themselves. The housing of all these larger collections which started to increase in number forced for the palace Baron of Castellet, to house all the arts comfortably. The museum is located in the historic Carrer de Montacada; buildings are rich with the long hundreds of years of history. Permanent collections of Picasso museum are housed in The Aquilar, Meca and Baro de Castellet palaces.








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