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About Barcelona in Spain


Barcelona is one of the most important cities on globe. It is a second largest city of Spain and the capital city of Catalonia , being its most populous city with the population of 1,605,602 as per 2006 data. The city is the coastal of Mediterranean Sea lying in between the Liobregat and Besos river mouths. Having good geographical location with water bodies around, The City of Counts (Ciutat Comtal) nickname of Barcelona , is a good tourist destination of the country. City is also the Revenue centre of the country with tourism and possesses principal Mediterranean port of Europe, having second largest airport of Spain . The city was founded as the Roman city and turned as the Crown of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona's capital.


City has lots to give to its visitors, like many entertainments, holidaying, shopping, concert halls and with many museums like the one Picasso and many more with rich cultural heritage and great architectural works, which makes the people from all over the world to just thrive in large number. Sightseeing of the city can be done by the buses like Montjuic which are open air mini buses that give spectacular view. Pedestrian Avenue from Placa Catalunya to the port of the city is lined with restaurants, cafes, shopping malls normally filled up with the walkers tasting the sounds and the sights. Gardens in the city are examples to the works of architect Gaudi, and there is also the house of Gaudi which is now turned museum of his own works.


Barcelona beaches are well maintained and clean. The coast stands with the aged popular resort towns that still have the same charm. Beaches provide for sun bathing, surfing of water and water sports. The shopping is interesting feature added to the city, late into the noon the markets wake up and best areas for the shopping are the Passeig de Garcia in central Barcelona, Bulevard Rosa Arcade to north of Carrer d'Arago, streets to the southwest of Passeig de Garcia and Barri Gotic streets. Bullfighting is witnessed sometimes in the summers on afternoons; Soccer is the blood of the native people of Barca and Barcelona having one of the best local team of Europe .


Barcelona is full of architectural works with many modernized structured churches by architects like Antoni Gaudi. Church of the Holy family remains unfinished since 1882 designed by Gaudi standing as controversial object. The well good regional food of Galicia, the fish, mussels, crayfish, clams, lobsters, scallop are provided with pride and fresh sea food by Botafumeiro restaurant considered the best for the sea food in Barcelona. There are also century old restaurants and hotels which have been the landmark for hospitability like Can Gaig that started in 1839. For the regional Catalonia style of meat dishes, Restaurant La Parra is a specialized one, with meat barbequed on wood fire standing their outstanding specialty.


So the city Barcelona never disappoints his visitors in any means enchanting the combination of elegant and sophistication with its regional charm, and delighting visitors.

Medieval Romance in the city is discovered by exploring the streets of the Gothic Quarter and the art and architecture of the city.







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